Since 9/11 there has been an ever-greater demand for knowledge about terrorism and an exponential growth in expertise to meet it. But who are these terrorism experts and what exactly is the nature of the expertise they offer?

This project provides new insight into how terrorism expertise is produced and used. Led by Professor David Miller from the University of Bath, we are reviewing the activities, credentials and affiliations of over a thousand prominent terrorism experts, to assess their networks, who funds their work and the basis and content of their ideas.

Screenshot of data visualization tool (going live in July)

We are interested in how expertise in terrorism impacts on government policy, scientific and academic debate, think tanks, the private sector, legal and court cases and the mass media.

Our aim is to develop a better understanding of why the study of terrorism doesn’t always take an evidence-based approach and to help others make better use of such research.


Understanding Conflict: Research, ideas and responses to security threats

08 - 11 June 2015

Chancellors' Building, University of Bath

Journalists’ experience of using terrorism expertise (Roundtable)

27 March 2015


Examining the role terror expertise plays in the criminal justice system (Roundtable)

6 November 2014


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