Understanding Conflict: Research, ideas and responses to security threats

Venue: Chancellors' Building, University of Bath

Date: 08 - 11 June 2015

The Understanding Conflict conference seeks to address important questions about conflict in the contemporary world and to interrogate the role of research and advocacy in understanding and responding to it. The conference is organised around five major themes.

  • Expertise and knowledge about terrorism
  • Islamophobia, racism and the counterjihad
  • Conflict, terrorism and governance
  • Propaganda to Twitter revolutions: How should we think about organised persuasive communication?
  • Researching conflict: Ethics, funding and research partnerships from Camelot to Minerva and beyond.

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Journalists’ experience of using terrorism expertise (Roundtable)

Venue: London

Date: 27 March 2015

The most highly cited scholars writing on terrorism have very little overlap with ‘experts’ often cited in the news media. Why is this? How does the media gain access to expertise and how are they influenced?

We are inviting journalists who work in areas of security, defence and home affairs to join a roundtable discussion on their experience of working with terrorism experts. This event will improve our understanding of how the media uses expertise, their priorities and challenges of assessing credibility and impartiality.

Emerging from the discussions will be a summary report and guide on the use of terrorism expertise in the media.

The event is invite only but we welcome journalists with insight to share to get in touch.


Examining the role terror expertise plays in the criminal justice system (Roundtable)

Venue: London

Date: 6 November 2014

Invite only

We are holding a roundtable event in London to bring criminal justice defence lawyers and barristers alongside academic experts and civil liberty campaigners.

This event examines the role terror experts play within the criminal justice system in advising juries on behalf of the defence or prosecution. We want to hear from criminal justice practitioners on their experiences of accessing and encountering terrorism expertise within criminal justice proceedings.

Emerging from the discussions will be a summary report to be posted on this website.

The event is invite only but we welcome legal professionals with insight to share to get in touch.